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Hungarian property investment, company, shop and plot for sale
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Flat plot for sale in Fot Plot in Fot.
Flat plot of 8 000 m2 located in the Cora, Bricostore and AAA Auto shopping park. 2/3 asphalted, 1/3 greenfield. All utilities on site. Suitable for some retail business requiring high people catchment. Contact:
Selling price: 185 EUR / m2 ; 46250 HUF / m2 More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4
Parking for sale in Pecs Parking place in Pecs.
Flat gravelled parking close to the city centre on one of the busiest roads in the city. Bus station right in front of it, well known Pecs sports stadium accross the road. Suitable for fast food, retail, etc., high visibility. All utilities on site. Total area 5 000 m2.
Selling price: 120 EUR / m2 ; 30000 HUF / m2 More image: 2
Developing area for sale Developing area for sale.
42270 m2 land, developing area for sale. The land can be enlarged by 70 ha if requested. Compared to the most significant product groups in Hungary's strategy this are provides excellent possibilities for tourism and development. The area can be used for medical tourism, and it gives several possibilities to establish different complexes. A feasibility study was carried out, and it contains the following: Medical & Wellness Spa and Eco houses, Estate of villas, Medical hotel, Therapy centre and Conference**** hotel, Spa apartment hotel, Campsite with wooden houses, Tennis court, Sports hall, Golf course and club house, Related services. The 70 ha of land, which is worth 22 "aranykorona" (land value) can be used for agricultural purposes as well.
Guide price: 500 M HUF ~ 2 M ? Contact: E-mail
  Flat greenfield in Debrecen.
Flat greenfield located in the centre of Cora retail park in Debrecen. 27 947 m2, all utilities on site. Highly atrractive location with people catchment - next to Kika, StopShop and close to Metro. Ideal for any retail activities. Contact:
Selling price: 140 EUR / m2 ; 35000 HUF / m2
Store for sale in Budapest. Store for sale in Budapest.
In Budapest IX. district Lonyay street, 161 m2 + 50 m2 gallery street front store for sale. It works as food store at present. It has 4 entrances and 6 shop-windows, the full store build-in-able with gallery. The biggest project of Budapest (450.000 m2) recently was opened near the store.
Contact: +36 30 9420 100 or e-mail:
Guide price: 64 M HUF ~ 250.000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4
Depot, site, property, car saloon for sale in Eger. Depot, site, property for sale.
Car saloon in Eger city, near main road, on frequented place, with 300 m2 exhibition room, 90 m2 street-front, gross 9000 m2, established business, suitable for commercial and industrial goals too! Contact: +36 20 / 966 99 77 or e-mail: More images: 2 ; 3
Price: 180 M HUF ~ 600.000 EUR (1 EUR = 300 HUF) + tax
Business premises for sale in Kiskoros. Business premise for sale in Kiskoros.
150 m2 business premise for sale in Kiskoros, in a newly built block of flats, near the 53 main road, with large parking place. Phone: +36-30/44-55-425 ; Fax: +36-78/511-211 ; E-mail:
Gross price: 115.000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4
Building site for sale, property investment Building site for sale in Bukkzserc.
In Bukkzserc (5 km from Bogacs), on a wonderful hill-country, at the edge of the administrative border, close to all public utilities, 4208 m2 land for sale which is suitable for 6 building sites and it roles in the settling plan too. Contact: Realtor
Price: 2.1 M HUF ~ 8400 EUR
Family house and business for sale, Ercsi Confectionery, Ercsi.
35 km from Budapest, in a silent, calm area, 3 storied, 250 m2 family house with confectionery for sale.
Family house for sale in Buk Family house and apartment for sale, Buk.
Near European famous golf course and bath, a high quality family house at reasonable price. The property includes 4 bedroom apartment with separate entrance which is leased long-term operation. Or purchase. 140 m2 family house, detached house, 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, terrace, balcony. 4 bedroom apartments are 150 square meters separated furnished studios. Plot: 976 square meters of landscaped garden, private parking, quiet, peaceful environment. Extras: Cable TV, Satellite, borehole, shutters, barbecue place. The property has two separate parking entrances located not on the border area, so can be sold separately.
Guide price: 24 M HUF ~ 96000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8 ; 9
Restaurant for sale Restaurant for sale.
Along main road and bike path, in national park, 4 km from Kormend, 15 km from the Austrian border, was built in 2004, 450 m2, two-storey, 150-seat restaurant with full equipment for sale. 7737 m2 fenced yard, 100-seat patio, open kitchen in the guest-area. Fishing, horseback riding, water hiking possibilities in the nearby. The property is excellently suitable for touristical development, furthermore to built pansion or wellness center.
E-mail: ; Tel: +36-30-400-5886
Guide price: 380.000 EUR
More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7

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