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Mercantile house for sale or rent in Heviz.
The multifunctional mercantile house situated 300 m from the entrance of the thermal lake, in the street of the bus terminal and the town parking place, on the most frequently visited area. More...
Building site in Egerszalok Building sites in Egerszalok (Eger 5 km).
Building sites with all public utilities (water, gas, drain, current) for sale 700 m from thermal spa and wellness center. Asphalt street with road-bank and water channel. UPC and T-Com networks prepared. Street lamps will be installed when the first house is built. Corner points of the sites are assigned officially by the Land Registry. The sites are suitable for business premises, smaller motels, storages and exhibition rooms also. Phone: (+36) 30 925 03 46 ; E-mail Prices: 487 m2 hobby site: 3.9 M HUF + tax ; 907 m2 building site: 6.8 M HUF + tax ;
956 m2 building site: 7.2 M HUF + tax More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4
Mansion for sale near Budapest Mansion for sale near Budapest.
Close to Budapest, exclusive, fully renovated, two storied, 11 room, 6 bathroom, elegant villa for sale.
Property with land for sale at Lake Balaton Balaton property of high standard for sale.
Close to Lake Balaton, in wonderful natural environment, 1.5 Ha property for sale, there is a reconstructed (originally water-mill), modernized, high standard, 3 storied, 345 m2 groundspace house with outbuildings on it. More...
Farm-house for sale in Pecs area Rural property, farm for sale.
Farm-house, barn and press-house with two small cellars for sale in Pecs area. 3x50 A three phase current, suitable for industrial, touristical, or other business goals. More...
Guesthouse, cottage for sale near Aggtelek, Hungary Cottage for sale.
Property for sale close to Aggtelek and the Slovakian border, which is currently guesthouse, but it is suitable for hunting-house or own family house as well. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a large hall available. A newly built, large barn with a terrace and a wine cellar belong to the guesthouse. The building is 150 m2, high-standard antique, in old, village style renovated. 5130 m2 land, so it is suitable for farming too. Contact: E-mail
Price: 50 M HUF ~ 190000 EUR
More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7
Place of amusement, pension for sale near Aggtelek Place of amusement, pension for sale.
In Aggtelek area, 130 m2 grundspace, historical character, 2 storey + attic building is for sale. The lower storey of a high standard renovated in Mediterranean style, which is sutable for amusement or pension too, by developing of the upper storey. 300 m2 plot, near main road with good accessibility.
Price: 15 M HUF ~ 60000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 Contact: E-mail
Land property for sale near Budapest Property for sale near Budapest.
Close to the Danube bend (Visegrad 15 minutes, Budapest 30 minutes) a park-property of 13.000 m2 for sale, situated on the western banks of the Danube River on a hill slope. Details...
Company for sale or investor needed Ltd. for sale or investor needed.
Company for sale or looks for business partner or investor for renovation, modernization, expansion of medical-thermal bath and construction works of medical and wellness hotel. The existing bath has thermal spring of high quality, its medicinal water qualified by OGYFI. Head parameters of the project: Total of developing area is 23157 m2, renovation needed pools 534 m2, newly built pools 506 m2, new buildings 5547 m2, terrace 998 m2. Expected capital outlay of the project: 2.783 million HUF ~ 11 million EUR. Expectative legally binding building permission until 2010.03.30. at latest. More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 Contact: E-mail
Guesthouse, drink bar, amusement arcade - Hungary Guesthouse, drinkbar and amusement arcade.
Szekesfehervar, Berenyi road - Zsigmond Moricz street corner, 500 meters from the center, 3000 m2 property.

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