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Mercantile house 01 - Heviz

Mercantile house and office-block
for sale or rent in Heviz, Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Phone: +36-30-99-70-788 +36-30-29-89-446

The mercantile house situated 300 m from the entrance of the thermal lake, in the street of the bus terminal and the town parking place, on the most frequently visited area.
Commercial units work in its surroundings. As the people say: who rests in Heviz, that moves round in this street at least twice a day! Similar commercial building is not situated nearby, and the area has not vacant plot to build-up another.

Mercantile house 02 - Heviz

Mercantile house 03 - Heviz

The three-storied - 230 m2 ground-space per stage + storied, designed by well-known architective team - building was constructed in 2000! The main angle during already that designing was the multifunctional, variable lay-out, and high-standard build-up. There are 12 different ground-space premises, separated with wood-glass combination system located on the three stories. By help of the mobile system, the complete stories are openable integrally on demand. Goods lift operates in the building, suitable for hoisting of light things. There are bathroom and American style kitchen located in the attic story, excellently adaptable e.g. office or flat.

Mercantile house 04 - Heviz
Mercantile house 05 - Heviz

The building suitable for development of commercial, catering trade, therapeutical or service industrial goals also. Inlay of the mercantile house made from marble, granite and ceramics. Floor heating by own central gas-boyler. Between the two streetfront portals is located a two-leafed, automated /photoelectric cell/ French door connected to alarm system, the safety is guaranteed by a lowerable, electronic grid-system. The actually working units in the building are operated by the owner and his family, there is no tenement in the mercantile house.

Mercantile house 06 - Heviz
Mercantile house 07 - Heviz

Environment: Lake Heviz is unique in the world, its healing power already was known by the Romans also. Since then it is one of the most famous thermal spas of Europe. The complete infrastructure - lately the wellness and spa - of the health tourism established. Exclusive hotels, commercial accommodations, catering trade places are waiting for the hundreds of thousands visitor year after year. (source:

Mercantile house 08 - Heviz

Mercantile house 09 - Heviz

The only Regional International Airport of Balaton, the Fly Balaton Airport works in Sarmellek (12 km from Heviz), called into existence and operated by Irish investor group. By present year data the airport has direct, scheduled links to 12 cities of Europe, and charter flights also arrive here with 150.000 passengers per year. The airport has terminals for small airplanes and cargo also. (source:
But most of the guests arrive on road by car or bus.

Mercantile house 10 - Heviz

Guide price of the mercantile house: 350.000.000 HUF + AFA / 1.400.000 EUR + tax

Contact: Phone: +36-30-99-70-788 +36-30-29-89-446


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Mercantile house | office-block | warehouse for sale or rent in Heviz, Lake Balaton, Hungary.
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