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Therapeutic devices for sale, Hungary
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The perfect health is available! Please look at the following appliances and select the best suits your needs, or go for treatment. The ... Ltd. recommends that all equipment for home use, as well as medical institutions. Areas of application for pain-killing, condition optimization and rehabilitation in hospitals, doctor's surgeries, rehabilitation institutes, spa hotels and wellness centers. Proposed for naturopaths, masseurs, beauticians and beauty salons as well.

  • Nervostim, urine therapeutic device for posttraumatic inflammatory conditions, lumpy varicose veins, migraine, muscle cramps and muscle weakness treatment. Learn more: Nervostim
  • Sonostim, the ultrasonic device recommended for joint pains, inflammation, injury, muscle pains, tendon problems and the treatment of skin diseases. Learn more: Sonostim
  • The applications of Interstim interference device include migraine, rheumatic pain, improve blood circulation, muscle gymnastics, adipose cosmetology. Learn more: Interstim
  • The special physiotherapy unit Microstim has been developed for treatment of circulatory disorders, improve circulation of the blood and the healing of aortic stenosis. Learn more: Microstim
  • COLO-SAN hydrotherapy equipment is suitable for the cleaning of entire length of the colon, surgical preparation, detoxification, furthermore allocation drugs and agents to the large intestine. Learn more: COLO-SAN
  • Magneter, combination of bio-resonance and magnetic therapy, today's health improve medical device.
    Learn more: Magneter

You can also take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern medicine and therapy!

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Modern healing, treatment - Therapeutic appliances to keep health or to be healed.
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