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Plaza for sale in Keszthely, Lake Balaton, Hungary

Keszthely Plaza

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Opened in 2005, four-storied, 4200 m2 building with 500 m2 roof-terrace. There is 2700 m2 rentable sale-space inside of the building, 70 % of it is leasehold already. 3040 m2 parking place for 100 cars belongs directly to the plaza, which is downtown building site. Block of 90 flats is build-up-able on this place.


50-60 thousand people appear in Keszthely per day, so it is the commercial and tourism centre of the region. Heviz is located 6 km from the town, international airport is situated 14 km away.
Selling price: -

We are looking for re-financing, taking over o. the liabilities or mortgage, credit possibilities.


Further business properties for sale, rent or lease in Keszthely, Heviz, Tapolca, Zalakaros.

Zalakaros apartment hotel.

Zalakaros apartment-hotel.
Newly-built apartment house for sale in Zalakaros, 50 m from the spa, in scenic beauty surroundings. Site: 650 m2. Built-in area: 194.27 m2. Build-up: 4 double bedded, 2 double + 1 bedded, 1 double + double bedded apartment. Bedroom, bathroom with wc, kitchen, large living-room and terrace belong to the apartments. Fully fitted kitchen. Sat TV + cable TV. Photo 2
Price: -

Inn for sale in Keszthely.
Site: 1280 m2. Up-structure: 800 m2 with terrace. 4 two-room apartments, 7 three-bedded apartments + 4 room 250 m2 flat. Fittings: gas heating, double garage, sewer, parked site, parking place for 10 cars, 9.5 m2 pool. The apartments for sale with full fitting. Enhanced holiday resort, Balaton lakeside, 250 m from the beach.
Guide price: -

Inn for sale in Keszthely.

Hotel for sale.

Hotel Hullam. ***
Built in 1893, romantic castle featured, 4 storied, 4500 m2, 45 two-bedded rooms (bathroom, mini-bar, radio, TV), 2 one-bedded rooms with shower, 4 suite of rooms, attic rooms are air-conditioned. Restaurant for 70 person, beer-house, drink-bar for 60 person. Panorama terrace for 140 person, beautiful well-kept park, close to the beach entry. More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6
Price: -

Hotel Balaton.
Built-in area: 1647 m2. Basement, ground floor, storey, 26 rooms. Fully indoor and outdoor renovation needed. Roofing of the building is stilt-able and a new story with rooms is addible, but must keep the character. More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6
Price: -

Hotel for sale.


Hotel Fonix. **
Built in 1985. Situated in direct neighbourhood of the other 2 hotels. One-storied wooden building (works from spring to autumn), 73 rooms (mini bar, phone, TV, bathroom and shower per room). Guests avail services of the nearish Hotel Helikon.
Price: -

Csardas Inn Heviz.
Site: 683 m2. Restaurant: 160 m2. 11 rooms: 382 m2. Cellar: 174 m2. Built 16 years ago.
More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5
Price: -

Inn for sale.

11 ha land with buildings.

Land for sale or rent with buildings.
11 ha land for sale or rent in the Kaposvar-Barcs-Szigetvar-Nagyatad area, which is suitable to establish depot-base. There are two 600 m2 rooms and an office-block in the land.
Price: -

Fiume dwelling- and business house project, Keszthely.
1518 m2 site with building permit of legal force for 4 storied, nett 3328 m2 commercial establishment with 42 parking capacity underground garage. We are looking for crowner or co-owner for the project.
Selling price: -

Fiume Residential & Commercial House Project

Business-premises for rent, Heviz, Balaton

Business-premise for rent, Heviz.
It is located in building of the town-hall, rent-able up to 250 m2. In centre of Heviz, close to everything, with excellent features. The premise is excellently suitable for branch bank.
Hire: -

Building sites for sale, Heviz-Alsopahok.
First site is 6077 m2, second site is 7522 m2, both are within administrative area of Heviz, near busy road. Supermarket, fuel-station, hotel, inn, shopping center, etc. are build-up-able on the sites by the ranging plan. Topography

Sites for sale in Heviz

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