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Retirement Homepark Project for sale, Debrecen, Hungary

Panorama Retirement Homepark Project
Map of the area

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City map

Our firm owns a 71000 m2 building site for the homepark, build-up-able in 15%, part of a nature reserve territory in Debrecen.
There are build-able 151 (58.84 m2 and 62.24 m2 each) apartment type houses on the site, plus 2 (314.5 m2 each) main buildings. Gross 10500 m2 is the intended built-up ground, we have the ruled building permit. We are looking for investor for achievement of the project, or the second possible solution is to sell wholesale.

Our motivations to build this project:

The PANORAMA Retirement Homepark project wants to take advantage of the expanding demand in Hungary for satisfactory retirement services of financially secure people. On the 70000 m2 green-belt site (owned by the company) will be build up full comforted apartments, that assure exclusive, european quality homes for those people who wish to settle in a calm, clean-air surroundings with complete health care. The homepark will sited approximately 8 kilometres south east of centre of Debrecen. The site consists of approximately 71000 square metres in a green belt and divided 36000/35000 into two sections either side of the Panorama Road. There are ponds, "Devil Chase" and Arboretum of Erdospuszta located near the intended homepark. By result of the European public opinion polls (for example the British NOP), demand on the pensioner flats of the retired people is fast growing. More and more aged people look for comfort, safety and independent social life, what provided by the pensioner flats.

Map of the homepark
Map of the homepark


Building and infrastructure scheme of the intended homepark:

Full space: 71.099 m2. Permitted built-up area: 15%. Building types:

  • 113 unit with 64,24 m2 groundspace, one-storied home, in the aggregate: 7.259,12 m2
  • 38 unit with 58,84 m2 groundspace, one-storied home, in the aggregate: 2.235,92 m2
  • 2 unit main building with 314,22 m2 groundspace, in the aggregate: 628,44 m2
  • Total built-up area: 10.123,48 m2

One and all apartment consists of 1 living, 1 bedroom, 1 diner-kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 hall, furthermore designed with disabled ramp.

Layout of the apartment block
Layout of the apartment block

Fitting of the apartments:
  • Hall (Eloszoba) - built-in wardrobe - Mettlachi floor.
  • Kitchen (Konyha) - built-in furniture - electrical fireplace, sink unit - Mettlachi floor and tiling.
  • Bath (Furdo) - WC, built-in furnitures - Mettlachi floor and tiling.
  • Living (Nappali) - laminated parquet floor.
  • Bedroom (Halo) - wardrobe - laminated parquet floor.
  • Plastic doors and windows - coloured walls.
  • Heat- and sound insulation.
  • Parking places for the residents and visitors.
  • Small garden belongs to the apartments.
  • Central playground for the visitor grandchildrens, furthermore open-air fireplace for the residents.

Main building

Services in the homepark:
  • The most important services in the main buildings are the medical custody and the pharmacy. Non-stop nurse service.
  • Safety of the housing estate provided by tv cameras and security team.
  • There are store and coffe-bar in the main buildings. Library and lounge help to spend the leisure time.

The remaining (non-built-up) free areas offer several recreation possibilities. So the coming undertakings may operate for example open-air movie, angler lake or golf-course.

Specifications, strenghts of the project:

  • Growing demand on the safe, comforted community in nice surroundings.
  • The intended residential park's location, convenience of its apartments, and the european level of its services.
  • The realtively low prices of the apartments.
  • Approachability of the second largest city of Hungary (existing and intended motorways, airport, railways).
  • Fame and student number of the biggest academic city of the country.
  • The desirable Negyerdei Bath and the Aquaticum Mediterranean Bath.
  • Matchless goal and content of the realize-able project increase prestige of the local self-governing leadership, furthermore may set an example for other cities also.

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