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Industrial hall for sale in Szomor
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Ipari csarnok / Industrial hall / Industriehalle

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 1

Industrial unit for sale under its cover for credits price!
Situated at 10 km from the M1 motorway in settlement Szomor (near Zsambek), close to Budapest (Map), newly-built, modern industrial property for sale. Ground-space of the main hall is 1400 m2, furthermore there are even 350 m2 office, exhibition-room, storage and more premises. 4400 m2 site belongs to
the building-complex. There are full public utilities on the
site with own fireplug.

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 2

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 3

Fitting of the factory and the offices is high level, promptly usable in effect. Telephone, computer, electric joints and interfaces are installed in the offices with internet and camera-system (16 cameras). Three-phase curent: 63A. Heating with gas-convectors, normal gas-boilers-radiators and miscellaneous firing, very effective, heavy-duty furnaces.

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 4

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 5

It is possible to pass across via two big gates by camions, do not need to turn round. The first half of the hall was built at the end of 2004, the second half in 2005, detached by a big (3,5x 3,5m) industrial gate. Entrance of the bigger hall is an industrial gate also, its dimension 4,3x4m. The bed of concrete made from heavy-bearing (5t/m2), smooth-surfaced industrial flooring.

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 6

Csarnok - Hall - Halle 7

It was woodworking factory till mid of 2007, because there are no machineries (with 1-2 exception) already, it is suitable many of goals, such as depot, exhibition hall, service, productive factory.The investment is expandable on demand: There is a 10000 m2 rural area behind the building.
Price: - EUR + vat

Iroda - Office - Büro

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Industrial hall, industrial property for sale close to Budapest, Hungary.
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