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Front view Apartment, flat for sale, to let, to rent in Budapest.
This elegant building is a three-storied house located in a very quite residential area, in Jegenye Utca, on the hill in the XXII district overlooking the beautiful capital town Budapest. The view is stunning, especially at night and downtown Budapest can be easily reached with a 15-minute drive.
Staircase and balconies The house presents 2 apartments on each floor for a total of 6. The construction works on the first and second floor have been completed and the 4 flats here located have already obtained the declaration of habitability. The 2 mansard flats still have to be finished and they cannot be sold yet. All flats are alike and have a balcony, a cellar and a parking lot in the underground garage. The condominium is easily accessible by road as well as with public transports and it is surrounded by a private terraced Italian garden. 
Garage entrance From a technical point of view, the building has been realized with above-average materials of Italian make and following the latest techniques. The bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete and the structure of the building is stratified so to achieve a perfect level of insulation from both heat and cold. The stratification starts from the outside walls formed by bricks 25-centimeter deep after which the heat insulation material has been applied to then leave a hollow space before the external 12-centimeter deep brick wall so to obtain a well ventilated surface as it is illustrated in the sketch below.

External wall

12 cm brick


Hollow space



Heat insulation material


25 cm brick


The window fastenings are made of aluminium on the outside and wood on the inside so to reduce to the minimum the maintenance work for the outside part subject to rain, snow and pollution whilst still keeping the peculiar warmth created by a wood window frame inside the house. The floors are made of Italian ceramic tiles, except in the bedrooms where parquet has been used instead. Every apartment, as shown in the attached plan, is composed of:
1 kitchen
1 living room
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 balcony
The flats' measurements:
Flat: 114.00 mt2
Balcony: 13.50 mt2
Cellar: 7.00 mt2
Parking: 2 places (1 indoor - 1 outdoor)
Plan - Left hand side

< Measurements - Left Hand Side Apartment:
Living Room 32.57 m2
Bedroom I 18.18 m2
Bedroom II 14.30 m2
Bathroom I 6.93 m2
Bathroom II 5.40 m2
Kitchen 10.10 m2
Entrance hall 3.55 m2
Corridor 6.70 m2
Balcony 1 2.81 m2
Balcony 2 10.36 m2

Plan - Right hand side

< Measurements - Right Hand Side Apartment:
Living Room 32.46 m2
Bedroom I 18.18 m2
Bedroom II 14.30 m2
Bathroom I 6.69 m2
Bathroom II 5.40 m2
Kitchen 10.02 m2
Entrance hall 4.32 m2
Corridor 6.70 m2
Balcony 1 3.76 m2
Balcony 2 10.36 m2

Bathroom details

The selling price for an apartment with cellar and parking is of
? 220'000

The letting price for an apartment with cellar and parking is of
? 1'000 per month

The above prices can be discussed only in case of real interest.

Entrances to bathroom and bedroom

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Apartment, flat for sale, to let, to rent in Budapest, Hungary.
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