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Images, news, events from the Hungarian countryside

  Explosion in Torokbalint
There was huge explosion in the storage buildings of an pirotechnical factory around at 5:00 p.m. Three killed, at least ten wounded. It was disaster, not terrorist attack - comfirmed by authorities. Estimated demage is around 1 million euros. Several houses and cars had been burnt. Cause of the explosion was the irregular storage, accountable heads of the factory are arrested.
The competitors Tour de Hongrie
In town of Mezokovesd started the fifth race day of the Tour de Hongrie. The large number field had to combat 148 km in this stage to Kekesteto. Big public watched the moments of the start
. The event was opened by Andras Tallai major, ex-government-member. The competitors and the public were welcomed by Mr. Jean-Marie Leblanc, president of the Tour de France. Presence of Mr. Leblanc is great privilege for the hungarian cycle sport and our country. He just gives an interview for a tv team on this photo.
Procession of Krisna beleivers Procession of Krisna beleivers
Following the start of the Tour de Hongrie, Krisna beleivers demonstrated in downtown of Mezokovesd. They protested against the alcohol, the drog, the meat eating and the abortus. We deeply agree the first two, but the second two are questioned. Eventually we also supported the event by some change...

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