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Hungarian business link partners.


If you are owner of a business or real estate page or company, please send e-mail: swap at hungaromax.com

Do not forget, more and more Hungarians buy property or set up a company in different countries of Europe. For example in Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, etc. Interesting in properties of these countries is increasing day by day. But we are waiting estate pages from other European countries or the overseas also. If you contact us, we can offer you and your webpage for our clients. Please simply copy and paste our code onto your html. We also put your logo on our page in similar size. We are offering and waiting for long term and reliable connections. Opening page

Our Hungarian webpartners:

  GPL Hungarian Real Estates.
Property for sale in Hungary, Budapest. The widest range of newly built developments!
www.tetoterlakas.hu This website collects real estate development projects offering downtown attic apartments in Budapest.
Gabriella Torok private guide Your private guide in Budapest and Hungary - Walking tours, car tours, individual tours.

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Title: Hungarian properties, houses for sale - Real estate, property Hungary
URL: http://www.hungaromax.com/english.html

Description: Hungarian properties, houses, sites for sale, investment. Property finder and connection builder services.
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With 18 years of international experience we offer for the advertisers a greater chance to sell. Real estate and financial investment, vendor, multi-lingual business ads are now essential. Please read the information on our service, if you are looking for more properties from Hungary, use our free property finder service.


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Hungarian business link partners.
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