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We would like to help you to find your home in Hungary.
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Bukkalja Estate Agency helps to find your home in Hungary

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Family house for sale, Bogacs Family house for sale, Bogacs.
In quiet location of Bogacs, 80 m2 house with loft on 439 m2 plot. There are a room, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms on the ground floor, two rooms and anteroom on the attic floor. Heating with gas convector and a solid fuel fireplace.
Price: 12 M HUF ~ 40000 EUR (b190220) More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8
Family house, Mezokovesd Mezokovesd.
In the "Hadas" part of town, 50 m2 living space, two bedrooms, gas convector heating, low overheads, renovated house on 118 m2 plot.
Price: 7.3 M HUF ~ 24300 EUR (b150914) More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7
Building site for sale, property investment For investors: Bukkzserc.
In Bukkzserc (5 km from Bogacs), on a wonderful hill-country, at the edge of the administrative border, close to all public utilities, 4208 m2 land for sale which is suitable for 6 building sites and it roles in the settling plan too.
Price: 2.1 M HUF ~ 8400 EUR (b090807)
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Gyor-Sopron Veszprem Szekesfehervar Budapest Miskolc Balaton Hotel for sale Travel Service


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