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Real estate, house, property, land for sale, investment, business in Hungary

Bukkalja Estate Agency
Houses, sites for sale in the north eastern region.
2 3
Investment, business
Firm, company, real estate.
2 3
Abroad opportunities.

Mercantile house, office-block and warehouse
Warehouse for sale or rent in Heviz, at Lake Balaton, Hungary.
Multifunctional industrial property in Gyongyos
Premises, offices, service area, car wash, storage, depot and parking.
Inn, drinkbar, amusement arcade, Szekesfehervar
3000 m2 of investment real estate for sale in excellent condition.
The last building plots for sale in Fot
16.521 square meters building site with full public utilities.
Working poultry slaughterhouse with EU license
Well-established unencumbered chicken-turkey slaughterhouse near Budapest.
Apartment and guesthouses for sale, Hajduszoboszlo
Operating, with clientele and reservations, with or without company.
Restaurant and apartment complex, Hungary
Well-functioning firm close to Heviz and Lake Balaton, near golf course.
Cold store and office building for lease near Budapest
An ultramodern cold store and cutting plant for operation in Hungary.

Currently operating hotel at Lake Velencei
For sale with restaurant, conference room and free of any claims.

Hotel for sale
Hotel offers from different areas.
Inn for sale
Inns & pensions for sale in Hungary. 2

Depot Miskolc, Budapest
Depot for sale, office building for rent.

Property Finder Service
Find your Hungarian property with us.

Villa, apartmenthouse for sale, Croatia
Villa, apartment house

Villa for sale in Siofok, Lake Balaton
Elegant villa at Lake Balaton

Hotel Holdfeny (Moonlight)
Nice hotel at Lake Velencei

Hungarian property, real estate advertisements, advertising possibilities
Real estate advertising services
Free Hungarian advertisements

Modern medizine, healing, cure devices for the perfekt health

Real estate in Austria
Apartment and hotel for sale.

Transylvanian property
Family home for sale in Romania.

Croatian properties
Properties on the Croatian sea-shore.

Lake Tisza property
House, summer house, apartment.

Mansion near Budapest
Fully renovated, famous villa.

Pest county. 2 3
Lake Balaton. 2 3 Keszthely
Somogy county.
Nograd county real estate.
Heves county. 2
Tokaj. Mezokovesd. Ozd.
Veszprem county.
Gyor-Moson-Sopron. Kapuvar.
Baranya county.
Csongrad county.
Real estate in Zala.
Fejer county. Dunaujvaros.
Szolnok county.
Tolna county properties.
Bekes county. Gyula. Sarkad.
Vas county and Buk.
Hajdu-Bihar county. Hajduszoboszlo.
Komarom-Esztergom county.
Bacs-Kiskun county.
Szabolcs. Vasarosnameny. Zahony.

Family home for sale, Nyiregyháza

3 km from the city center, an almost new, two-generation family house for sale, Nyiregyhaza.

House with individual characteristics and many possibilities,

Family home for sale, Nyiregyháza

Farmhouse for sale, Nagyszekely

In picturesque surroundings, 60 km from Lake Balaton, completely renovated, comfortable, 78 m2 farmhouse with fishpond for sale.

Close to the Danube bend, 13000 m2 land for sale with an old villa. Woody, parked territory with all public utilities, situated on hillside.

Property near Budapest

Guesthouse for sale near Aggtelek

Property for sale near the famous dropstone-cave of Aggtelek, which is suitable for hunting-house or family house as well, it is gusthouse at present.

In wonderful natural environment, 1.5 Ha land, there is a reconstructed (originally water-mill), modernized, high standard, 3 storied, 345 m2 house with outbuildings on it.

Property of high standard near Lake Balaton

Did you know which is the longest main street of Europe? Advertisement The Szechenyi street in Miskolc:
12 km. Map


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