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Properties, villa, house for sale near Lake Balaton, Hungary 1 ; 2 ; 3

Mercantilie house in Heviz

Multifunctional mercantile house in Heviz.
The mercantile house situated 300 m from the entrance of the thermal lake, in the street of the bus terminal and the town parking place, on the most frequently visited area. More...

Property for sale in Balatonfured

18 ha brook-fringed area for sale near Balatonfured with a 7 years old, 240 m2 family house, stable and a 100 years old cellar, situated partly on territory of the National Park. It might be wonderful environment for the everyday life, or horsy touristical undertaking. Developable area, 1500 m2 building allowed. Info:
Contact: Baan-Muzsik Marta (+36) 20 20 977 20 ;
Guide price: 149 M HUF or 550000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5

Villa for sale in Siofok, Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton.
In frequented town of Lake Balaton, 15 m from the lake, two elegant, newly built, 3 storied waterside villa for sale on well parked site. Floor-heating on each storey, balconies with view on Lake Balaton and the inner yard, furthermore kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms. Unique environment, exclusive appearence. Villas are buyable separately or together too.
Price: 130 M HUF / villa Contact: E-mail More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8

Holiday house for sale at Lake Balaton, Abrahamhegy, Badacsony

Holiday house for sale at Lake Balaton, Abrahamhegy.
3-storey, 666 m2, built in 1950, renovated in 2000, multifunctional holiday house for sale on 4425 m2 parked site, 100 m from the shore, near Badacsony. 10 guest rooms with bathrooms, dining room, kitchen (HCCP), sinks, storage rooms, boiler room, changing rooms, toilets, caretaker's room with bathroom, lounge, restaurant, terraces, built-in attic, cellar-like clubhouse, tennis court. Full public utilities, air conditioning, alarm system, fire and smoke detectors. Versatile usability, for example pension, health center, retirement homes, event organizing, etc.. The property is for sale mainly together with the summer house (see below, same ownership).
Contact: Tunde Toth +36-20-824-0427 ; Email:
Guide price: 129 M HUF / 430.000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8

Summer house for sale at Lake Balaton, Abrahamhegy, Badacsony

Summer house for sale at Lake Balaton, Abrahamhegy.
2-storey (+ loft), 205 m2, built in 1930, completely renovated in 2003, summer house for sale on 412 m2 well-kept plot. 4 air-conditioned rooms with bathrooms, wellness area, jacuzzi, sauna, toilet, furniture, teaching kitchen, storage, changing room, mechanical room, car parking for 7-8 cars, garden furniture. All public utilities and infrastructure, air conditioning, alarm system, fire and smoke detectors. A popular resort, 100 m from the shore, near Badacsony. The property is primarily for sale together with the nearby located holiday house (see above, same ownership). Guide price of the two properties: 175 M HUF / 583.000 EUR Contact: Tunde Toth +36-20-824-0427 ; Email:
Guide price: 49 M HUF / 163.000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6

Family house for sale at Lake Balton, Keszthely

Family house for sale, Keszthely.
In center of Keszthely, eight-room house in excellent condition on a frequented place. Suitable for business goals too, as a dental practice, restaurant or holiday rental. 360 m2 house in 1100 m2 landscaped area, garden, two separate entrances, built-in attic, garage and two terraces, three kitchens and six bathrooms.
Contact: +36 30 / 517 6547 or
Price: 38 M HUF / 152000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5

Family house for sale, Nagykanizsa

Family house for sale, Nagykanizsa.
In Hungary, near Lake Balaton and thermal baths, in the center of Nagykanizsa, 100 m2 of living space, 2 bedroom + 2 halfroom detached house with all modern conveniences, a garage, garden and outbuildings on 395 m2 plot. There are schools, kindergartens, banks, shopping centers, institutions, etc. nearby. Contact:
Guide price: 113000 ? More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5

Light construction house for sale, Balatonboglar

Family house for sale, Balatonboglar.
300 meters from the free beach, residential-recreation area, duplex, light construction, five-years old, 150 m2 detached house for sale in Balatonboglar! Full public utilities, 562 m2, fenced, grassed plot. Fully independent entrance and garden belong to the two dwelling-parts. Contact: +36 70 290 35 42 E-mail:
Guide price: 70000 EUR More images: 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5

Restaurant and apartment company for sale

Restaurant and apartments.
Complex, well-functioning company for sale, consisting of a restaurant and 12 apartments in a famous resort area, next to a thermal spa and a golf course.

More properties near Lake Balaton

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