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Multifunctional business property, industrial real estate, depot, Gyongyos - Hungary

Multifunctional industrial property, depot for sale or rent in Gyongyos, Hungary

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The Automobil Eger 97 Ltd. offers for sale or rent its
6.000 m2 property including 985 m2 building on it, situated under H-3200 Gyongyos, Vasar u. 1. address. Property features:

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  • The 5 years old building is in good condition, situated on busy location with good access (in neighborhood of Tesco, Diego, OBI, Yisk store, etc.).

  • It has own car park, which ensures parking possibility approximately for 110 cars.

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  • Designed to meet various needs, for example 330 m2 showroom, 350 m2 service area, warehouse, car washes, offices, cash registers and other storage spaces has also encountered.

  • The property is enclosed on 3 sides by a fence, vehicle access controlled by gate and barrier, guard room has built.

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  • There are security systems (alarm, fire alarm and lightning protection), floor heating, air conditioning system and telephone center in the building.

  • The property can be extended up to greenfield investment as well.

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    Google map

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    Floor plan

    The property is buy- or rentable with or without furniture and fitment
    (hoists, Salgo shelves, showrooms and dining room furniture).
    We are also interested in property exchange in Eger.

    Contact via these availabilities below:

    Farkasne Fenyves Judit
    Managing director
    Automobil-Eger 97 Kft.
    H-3300 Eger, Faiskola u. 68.

    Tel: (+36) 36/512-600 ; (+36) 30/9655-310
    Fax: (+36) 36/512-612


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    For sale or for rent multi-functional real estate, industrial depot - Hungary.
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