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Multifunctional business property, industrial real estate, depot, Gyongyos - Hungary

Multifunctional industrial property, depot for sale or rent in Gyongyos, Hungary

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The Automobil Eger 97 Ltd. offers for sale or rent its
6.000 m2 property including 985 m2 building on it, situated under H-3200 Gyongyos, Vasar u. 1. address. Property features:

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The 5 years old building is in good condition, situated on busy location with good access (in neighborhood of Tesco, Diego, OBI, Yisk store, etc.).

It has own car park, which ensures parking possibility approximately for 110 cars.

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Designed to meet various needs, for example 330 m2 showroom, 350 m2 service area, warehouse, car washes, offices, cash registers and other storage spaces has also encountered.

The property is enclosed on 3 sides by a fence, vehicle access controlled by gate and barrier, guard room has built.

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There are security systems (alarm, fire alarm and lightning protection), floor heating, air conditioning system and telephone center in the building.

The property can be extended up to greenfield investment as well.

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Google map

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Floor plan

The property is buy- or rentable with or without furniture and fitment
(hoists, Salgo shelves, showrooms and dining room furniture).
We are also interested in property exchange in Eger.

Contact via these availabilities below:

Farkasne Fenyves Judit
Managing director
Automobil-Eger 97 Kft.
H-3300 Eger, Faiskola u. 68.

Tel: (+36) 36/512-600 ; (+36) 30/9655-310
Fax: (+36) 36/512-612


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For sale or for rent multi-functional real estate, industrial depot - Hungary.
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